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It's Biker Week in GTA Online

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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If you’re a biker, you’re going to want to hop into GTA Online this week as there are several bonuses and rewards for you.

This week offers double GTA$ & RP in Biker Work, Contracts and Challenges as well as Deadline. You can also earn double salaries for Bodyguards and Associates. You can also receive a free Black Principe Hoodie for logging in this week.

Biker discounts this week include free Biker Jackets, plus 35% off MC Clubhouses and Clubhouse Upgrades & Modifications. Vehicle discounts this week include 40% off the Principe Lectro, Rampant Rocket, Nagasaki Shotaro, Nagasaki Stryder, Dinka Vindicator, BF Raptor, Maibatsu Manchez Scout, and Nagasaki Ultralight.

On the Prime Gaming side of things, your discounts this week include 80% off the Seabreeze plane, plus 35% off the Sparrow helicopter and the Kraken Avisa submersible. You can learn more about what’s in store in the mayhem that is Los Santos on Rockstar Newswire.


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