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It's Auraximas Time Again in PlanetSide 2 With Today's Update, Oshur Officially Tentative for January

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Although the Rogue Planet team had to delay the next big release of Oshur for PlanetSide 2, they are going ahead with the celebrations and starting the return of the Auraximas event. 

The latest update brings the event back and in addition to decorating with trees, snow, and all sorts of festive aesthetic items, there is also some serious business to be had. With the time-limited missions, a new directive, an incentive to destroy as many snowmen as you can, and special holiday items and bonuses to be had.

Start your day in Sanctuary and get one new Auraximas mission every day.  If you complete them all, you'll get a title and all the rewards for each mission. The new directive includes some holiday challenges, and if you get through those and survive them, you'll get a brand new camouflage to mark the occasion.

If all the snow falling around wasn't enough for you, then feel free to take on the Snowman all you can find. There will be snowmen throughout the combat areas and if you destroy them you'll get an XP bonus. If you're lucky enough to spot the Golden Snowman and destroy that one, you'll get a special holiday ornament. And if you want something truly special, you can check out the Depot and get the Snowman Soldier. This returning item acts as a deployable barricade in your utility slot. 

Also available to pick up in the Depot are vehicle horns, hats, camouflage, and holiday weapons. So if you feel like hunting down some snowmen while armored up as Santa, PlanetSide 2 will grant your wish..

After the recent delay, the Oshur content is listed as of this update, as January 19th 2022, but this is tentative. For more, check the full update notes over at PlanetSide 2.


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