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It's A Wild World - New Blog Explores the Bestiary

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The latest in a series of Conan Exiles developer blogs has been posted, this time taking a look at some of the creatures players can expect to encounter. Common and uncommon critters will inhabit the game world, each also being eligible for hunting, killing and harvesting resources. From rabbits to crocodiles to humanoid imps to gazelle, rhinos and ostriches, the land is filled with wildlife. But beware, all isn't docile and pretty.

In the very center of the desert, covered in sand the color of burnt orange, lies the Unnamed City. This was the seat of power for an ancient race now long gone. Since then it has been corrupted by foul and blasphemous magics. Here the dead walk again. The emaciated remains of human soldiers stalk the sands, wielding weapons from a bygone era while skeletal lizard beasts, reanimated by the corrupting forces that remain there, attack anyone within sight. Enormous bats fly overhead, swooping down to capture any unlucky soul still living. There are even rumors of dragons and molten beasts made of stone roaming the area. Although the danger is great the rewards can be even greater, as the Unnamed City holds many secrets just waiting to be discovered.

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