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Italian Site Interviews New World Tester - 'It's an MMORPG Based on Territory Conquest'

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Italian site MMO.it has sent word of a new interview that editors conducted with a person named "Alphano" who is currently a player in the New World alpha and is willing to break the NDA to speak about his experiences. In it, they ask him about his impressions of the game and, most notably, his impressions of the type of game New World actually is. Up to now, many have viewed Amazon's upcoming (and very secretive) game as a survival title. However, Alphano has a different thought on the subject.

"New World is by no means a survival sandbox as many might [think]. This is, in effect, an MMORPG based on territorial conquest. Most of the concepts are not innovative in themselves, but in my opinion, are more like old MMOs like Ultima Online, Shadowbane, EVE Online, Darkfall and Mortal Online. If it came out in 2010, I bet nobody would use the term "survival"."

Alphano further details some of the more "peaceful" activities players can engage in outside of combat: "First of all, in New World, you can level up doing anything, even cutting trees without ever having to deal with combat."

Alphano also talks about the combat being very similar to Dark Souls, though without magic that is not present at the current time, though there are plans to introduce some at a later date.

The interview is extensive and you'll need to use Google Translate or some other translation program, but it does go into a good amount of detail about the specifics of the currently ongoing closed beta test. Topics include progression, combat, the "Trinity", world differences between night / day, survival elements and more.

Read the full interview over at MMO.it.


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