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It Looks Like The Next World of Warcraft Expansion Has Been Leaked, Reportedly Called Dragonflight

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Thanks to some source code on the official World of Warcraft website, the name of the next expansion looks to have been linked by Blizzard. World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is what the expansion is likely to be called if the data mining proves true.

This weekend an update to the World of Warcraft website's source code seems to have inadvertently leaked the name of the expansion we are all waiting to learn more about later this month. As spotted by WoWHead,  the source code was updated to include references to "Dragonflight," which mentions Base, Heroic, and Epic purchases of WoW Dragonflight on the website. WoWHead also points to a URL in the code, possibly a landing page for when the expansion is officially announced.

We know we will be hearing more about the future of World of Warcraft on April 19th, and these updates to the source code on the official website could have simply been preparing the backend for the reveal. This is all unconfirmed by Blizzard, and likely we won't have official word until that previously scheduled reveal. Still, it's an interesting fight nonetheless, especially given that it could allow some speculation as to where World of Warcraft is headed after the story's culmination in Shadowlands

We'll keep an eye out for this story for any future developments. In case you missed it, World of Warcraft's developers recently added a new accessibility fix to help with some motion sickness in some encounters. Also, our resident WoW expert Robin recently talked about how waiting for tier crafting is kinda the pits.


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