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It Looks Like New World Is Reportedly Causing GPU Issues Again

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Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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New World and EVGA made headlines over the summer as reports trickled out that incredibly expensive RTX 3090 GPUs were being bricked whilst playing the alpha of Amazon's MMO. While those reports pointed to issues with soldering on EVGA's GPUS, it seems reports have started to come out since Tuesday's launch of more GPU problems - and they aren't only centerted on Nvidia's GPUs.

In the wake of the reports back in July, Amazon assured fans that New World was "safe to play," and it was then discovered that the issues weren't necessarily tied to New World but a soldering problem at EVGA. However, since Tuesday, reports have been coming out of more GPU issues affecting multiple models of Nvidia cards as well as some AMD models while playing New World

Some users, specifically AMD users, are reporting overheating issues on Reddit, specifically while sitting in the long queue times many players find themselves in while trying to just play the MMO. One reddit post pointed to their Rx 5700 XT as overheating while just waiting to play, while others have all but blamed Amazon's MMO from frying their incredibly expensive GPUs, such as on Redditor's RTX 3080 Ti, or even RTX cards on laptops. One Reddit user who has since RMA'd their RTX 3080 even states that EVGA has an option for the RMA as "New World Issue.

We have reached out to Amazon about this issue for a statement and will update this story if they choose to provide one.

One work around, especially for high queue times, is to use your GPU's control panel to Vsync your framerate to your monitor's refresh rate, or use features such as AMD's Radeon Chill to keep temps cool during idle and loading screens. Players could also potentially use Riva Statistics Tuner to cap framerate to ensure that while sitting in long queues framerates don't sky rocket and your GPU isn't put under unnecessary load, especially as the log-in queue issue still doesn't appear to be fully fixed just yet. 

New World launched on Tuesday and has since skyrocketed up the Steam charts, hitting over 700K concurrent users on Steam the first day (many of which were sitting in queues, but hey). The new MMO from Amazon Games sets players in a world shipwrecked on an island where the rules of life and death are horribly askew. Players are tasked with settling the island and working with players of their faction to gain control of the Eternal Isle's various settlement regions.  Since launching, however, many players have found themselves stuck in long queues, especially on popular servers where streamers inhabit, causing Amazon to spin up massive amounts of servers to meet the demand. 


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