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It IS a Survival Game -- It ISN'T an MMORPG

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In addition to the brand new Conan Exiles trailer, the dev team has posted a new blog that lays out what the game is and isn't for fans looking forward to a new survival title based in the Robert E. Howard universe. 

What Conan Exiles is:

  • a story about an exile thrown into a world filled with danger as punishment for a crime
  • characters start with virtually nothing and must search for and collect resources, craft weapons, gear and build cities
  • players can enslave NPCs that work discover magical artifacts, fight for the player, worship Hyborian gods to summon dieties to wipe out the enemy
  • the game can be played locally as single player, with friends or on official or unofficial servers
  • PvP and PvE servers will both be available on launch

What Conan Exiles isn't:

  • it is not a sequel to Age of Conan
  • it is not an MMORPG
  • there is less overarching story but there are snippets here and there

Read the full post on the Conan Exiles site.


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