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Issue 12 Demo and Test This Thursday!

Benjamin Krueger Posted:
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MMORPG.com Presents: Help NCsoft and Dyyno test its new streaming technology  

This Thursday evening at 5pm PST / 8pm EST, City of Heroes / Villains lead designer Matt Miller and the NCsoft community team will be testing Dyyno’s streaming technology with a live demonstration of some of the new content from Issue 12: Midnight Hour.

Matt will give viewers a brief tour of the new Villain Epic Archetypes, including creating new characters in the costume creator and demonstrating their powers in game. As part of this, he will take viewers on a tour of the new Roman and Greek inspired zone, Cimerora, and he’ll try to answer your questions along the way.

This is a test and there is the possibility that technical issues could arise but we hope that you will join us to experience this exciting new technology and City of Heroes game content.

Join us this Thursday in our Dyyno Room!


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