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Is WoW's High Inquisitor Whitemane the Next Hero Coming to the Nexus?

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Blizzard loves their teasers, don't they? In the latest series, we've been shown a very ornate gold-handled door that could literally be just about anything. However, today's image is much clearer and it appears to be something straight out of one of World of Warcraft's dungeons, the Scarlet Monastery. Specifically, it appears to be the "altar" that High Inquisitor Sally Whitemane stands in front of before you...you know...kill her.

While we don't have any definitive proof...YET...that Whitemane will be entering the Nexus, the signs seem to point to the likelihood that she may very well be. 

According to the WoW Gamepedia entry:

Sally Whitemane is a level 40 elite human boss found in the Scarlet Monastery's Cathedral. The High Inquisitor, a priestess of the Light, led the activities in the Scarlet Monastery until her death. With the return of the Burning Legion, Whitemane is resurrected as a death knight of the Ebon Blade.


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