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Is TERA 2 In Development?

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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TERA 2 may be in development, according to research done and documented in a post on MMOByte.

Dubbed Project EXA, this may be an unannounced MMORPG in development by BlueHole, and has images uploaded from one of the 3D Character Artists.

These images look to be male and female humans, specifically the Elin models which appear in TERA. After some more digging, the poster found quotes from BlueHole discussing more details,

“They mentioned several things: The games are being developed by teams that worked on Aion, TERA and ArcheAge. Both Aion and ArcheAge are tab-target MMORPGs while TERA is pure action. They went on to elaborate that both games will utilize a ‘brand new combat system’ – and since we know Ascent: Infinite Realm uses a hybrid tab-target combat system, it’s likely that Project EXA will as well.

Although again, they state that the game will be ‘different from other MMOs before it.’ Both games will be ‘next-generation MMORPGs’, featuring “new features to provide players with a brand new exciting gaming experience.”

So what do you think? Is TERA 2 in development?


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