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Is Paradox Finally Going to Reveal a New Vampire: the Masquerade or World of Darkness Game?

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Way back in 2015, Paradox Interactive bought up all the resources of White Wolf, including World of Darkness and Vampire: The Masquerade. Fast forward to the Paradox earnings report in early 2018 when the company indicated it would step up marketing and community involvement in both IPs. Fast forward AGAIN to this past weekend, when a bunch of screenshots and a teaser website called "Tender" cropped up. All is is to prep fans for a big announcement on March 21st.

We know there is something big happening on the 21st - but what? Will we finally get our soulmate? What does it all mean?

This is what we have dug up so far - Maybe you could check out https://tenderbeta.com and help us find out more? 

Those who "use" the site -- which, incidentally, has a background that looks like weirdly colored blood drops in water -- enter a birthdate before being asked questions including:

  • Emotionally, I see myself as: Angry, Hysterical, Sad, Numb
  • Which image represents you most? (blood splatter, close up of a clown, mealworms or a ghost-like woman)
  • What is your blood type?
  • How lonely do you  consider yourself?
  • Tell us more about you by selecting interests that resonate with you. (including one choice for "thanatology, or the study of death)

You'll have to have a Paradox account to log in, or you can create a new one to learn your results. We'll leave that discovery to you.

CCP Games had been working on a World of Darkness MMO that was canceled ahead of the Paradox buyout of White Wolf. Further, we also know from last year's call that there is a book in the works based on World of Darkness that will features "stories and descriptions of the world that will turn up in any subsequent products".

What the game is remains unknown....until March 21st! What do you think it may be? Let us know!





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