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Is a New Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Game in the Works?

May the rumor be with you

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Is there a new Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic game in the works? According to several sources, this may be the case.

We need to stress, this is a rumor at this point. We simply do not have confirmation. There are several reports providing these details. In fact, we reported last year on a potential remake. In a report by VGC, a Star Wars insider, Bespin Bulletin, stated on a recent BOB The Podcast about this purported game. They said the game won’t necessarily be developed by an EA studio and that, “we’ll ‘never guess’ who the studio is that’s making this game.”

Additionally, Jason Schreier of Bloomberg had tweeted previously about this rumor last year stating,

“Sorry, I just don't like to share things unless I'm 100% sure about them, and I'm still doing some reporting on the KOTOR rumor. I'll say this, though: if it's really happening, it's not at EA”

A few years ago, Lucasfilm had stated that they were working on a project related to KOTOR, but we’re not sure if this project is a game. Right now, we know that Lucasfilm has teamed up with Ubisoft for a Star Wars project, marking more Star Wars games in the future. But for now, take this KOTOR rumor for what it is until such time as confirmation is provided.

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