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Invasion Points Datamined, Explained by Ion Hazzikostas

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During a recent interview with Ion Hazzikostas, more information was revealed about the forthcoming World of Warcraft "Invasion Points". These single-player Invasion Points will require special riftstone keys that can be found on Argus. They are used in special portals to literally travel to other Legion-dominated locations to take on the demon forces. Icy-Veins took that information and datamined the types of places players will travel to.

Invasion Points are a Legion portal network on Argus, where the Legion is assaulting other worlds. Players can enter them using a riftstone they recover from the wreckage of Kil'jaeden's ship, which crashed on Argus. You're actually getting little glimpses of all new planets around the cosmos. The point is to defeat Legion forces, complete an objective & fight a boss.

Players will be traveling to these locations:

  • Invasion Rift - Blood
  • Invasion Rift - Fire
  • Invasion Rift - Forest
  • Invasion Rift - Ice
  • Invasion Rift - Islands
  • Invasion Rift - Marsh

Of course, the names and textures datamined are place holders as it is anticipated that they will have more elaborate names and visuals on release. 

Check out the video below to see what was uncovered or head to the links above to learn more.


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