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Introduces Open World PvP

Suzie Ford Posted:
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A new resource-rich zone has been added to Asda Story that will feature open world PvP. Called The Mining War, factions will battle over the mines which, when controlled, yield the game's most powerful weapons and armor.

The Battle Phase is where you will battle to take control of the mines. The map is open at all times to players above level 24 who have a faction. Each team will start in it’s respective base, and go to the center for an all out war! In the center, you will find 4 crystals. The center crystal (Crystal of Spirit) is your main target. If you destroy it, your team will win.


There are 3 crystals which surround the main crystal. These attack within a certain area. You are not required to destroy these in order to win.


Remember, if you do not take the crystal quickly, you may not have much time for mining! The battle lasts until a team kills the crystal, and will begin again on the next hour. During the time in between is the Reward Phase.

Find out more at the Asda Story: Mining Wars site.


Suzie Ford

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