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Into the Echo Moves Pre-Alpha By a Week, With a New Lore Blog Setting Up Major Conflict

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The pre-alpha test originally scheduled  to begin on March 5th for Into the Echo has been delayed and will take place the weekend of March 12th and 13th. The Etlok Studios team is still taking signups on their website for those who are interested in trying out the testing phase, and they have also just released a brand new lore blog setting up some of the key elements awaiting players.

The new lore blog is called “A Planet on the Brink of War”, and it packs a lot of info and a taste of just what we can expect from Into the Echo. It opens with a man named Krazos staring at the giant snake sculpture (recently revealed by the team) with no one else around. He seeks answers and hopes that a certain cave would give them to him.

This beginning then dives into some of the history of the world of Raava, where the Order of the Silver Birch, who Krazos works for, has been responsible for studying Qen, the force that grants abilities to the people. The Order is, according to this telling, the “foremost authority on Qen”. Krazos considers the time spent studying Qen and its place in the world, its applications, and confidence in the Order’s knowledge until recently. 

The Rothaka, a race of “so-called liberators had appeared out of nowhere” and displayed incredible knowledge of Qen with a twist. These deep and powerful abilities, referred to as “Shadow Qen” were advanced beyond anything else, but wielded easily by the Rothaka. 

There would be war soon, and Krazos has questions. If he could travel to the past and learn more about Qen and its origins, maybe he could find answers. This sets up the basic lore of the world we’ll be entering in Into the Echo, and one purpose of its time-travel element.

You can read the full lore blog and sign up for the closed pre-alpha testing phase over at the Into the Echo site.


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