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Jon Wood Posted:
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Recently, MMORPG.com had the opportunity to ask a few questions from Monumental Games about their soccer (or football)MMO, Football Superstars.


There are those who question whether a soccer (or Football) themed game can make it in the North American market with the sport isn't as popular as it is in the rest of the world. can you speak to that point?

Football Superstars:

Sure, Of course, Football Superstars is all about "the beautiful game" but it is also about online competitive play with friends. This type of game play appeals to anyone who enjoys taking on line competition to the next level and in many cases the story and even the genre of the game plays second fiddle to the competitive experience it provides. Additionally "soccer" is certainly not nearly as popular as American Football is the US but it is seen as a great sport for younger players building team play in individuals before they develop into American Football. Lastly, soccer has been embraced as one of the primary sports for women and has a significant following in the US, with the growth of female gamers we believe Football Superstars will have significant appeal to a wide audience with its unique offering in the online sports gaming space. The fact that a game is simply great fun to play with friends suggests that the genre isn't necessarily the most important factor.

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Jon Wood