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Interview with Donald Teal

Dana Massey Posted:
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To go with its addition to our game list, we also have an interview with Duck's Den Productions CEO and President Donald Teal. The interview, conducted by Jon Wood, helps introduce the title.

MMORPG.com: Valhyre is being promoted as a game that intends to reach out to the role-player market. How do you intend to accomplish this?

Donald Teal: To me role playing is assuming a part in a story and acting out that part. That role could be from the heroic warrior to the meek blacksmith making his living at his trade. Valhyre will support role playing by allowing players to determine their role and have fun no matter what their part in the story is. We strive to give the players the tools to create their own story. Want to be that blacksmith? Well then learn the skills, put your creations up for sale, develop your customer base, and hire those warriors to bring you the best resources for those rare items. Tradesmen tend to pick up lots of juicy gossip and information they can then tell to the adventurers. You will even be able to develop regular customers just on the gossip you offer. 

You can read the article here.


Dana Massey