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Interview with DJ Cassel and Tracy Spaig

Jon Wood Posted:
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Phylon is one of the newest additions to our Game List, and Managing Editor Jon Wood caught up with DJ Cassel (Creative Director) and Tracy Spaight (Chief Operating Officer) to get an introduction to the game.


What genre of MMORPG is Phylon?

DJ Cassel:

Phylon is a 3rd person Sci-Fi RPG shooter, with a first person targeting option. The game blends together elements from multiple genres.

Phylon is somewhat akin to Quake with its arenas, which are instanced death match zones. The winners of arenas are tallied and displayed on the website for all the bragging rights owed. If a player tops the leader board and is a member of one of the eight factions, then everyone in his or her faction will gain special ability perks for as long as one their own can hold on to the top slot.

Outside the Arenas, on the surface of the planet Anura, Phylon is closer to a traditional role-playing game. The player's character can gain in level and experience through questing and hunting the creatures on the planet's surface. As a player quests, the character will not only become more powerful but the selection of available weapons, armor and equipment will increase. These newly obtained items can then in turn be used to compete for the top slot in future arenas.

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Jon Wood