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Inside Star Citizen Looks at Creature Design

Plus new location-based features for 3.10

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The most recent Inside Star Citizen video looks at creature design.

The video starts by explaining the various things the design team has been working on. However, the design team is now working on creatures. The video notes that creature design can start from a simple start point, but can easily branch out into various other creatures, like predators.

The team discusses selecting archetypes to provide direction in design. This would allow the team to have some focus on the design process, instead of starting completely from scratch. Some archetypes include “bear,” “tiger,” etc. However, these labels describe more the behavior of the predator rather than the actual look.

The team distilled some ideas and decided upon a crab-like creature, and a creature you may find on microTech. This creature looks to have some familiar design elements to some you find on earth, but tweaked.

The video also discusses some new location-based features coming to Alpha 3.10. For example, the factory line for New Babbage looks like it will be introduced in the new update, providing a single location in lore to sell cutting edge tech.

You can catch the whole episode below:


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