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Inkbound Leaves Early Access this April with the Rise of the Unbound Update

Casey Bell Posted:
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Inkbound, the co-op tactical roguelite by Monster Train studio Shiny Shoe, is set to leave early access with game update 1.0 on April 10.

Titled Rise of the Unbound, the update will include a new narrative questline where players will face off against a world-ending threat. The game’s story will also feature new cutscenes and a “reworked throughline.”  Progression has also been accelerated and the story will feature full English voiceover. Additionally, Shiny Shoe is adding full controller support, improvements to the Steam Deck experience, localization in Chinese, Japanese, German, and French, as well as a number of quality-of-life updates.

Inkbound creative director Andrew Krausnick adds, “We've focused the experience around the core storylines, eliminated randomness, and made sure all characters are fully voiced. If you're tried Inkbound before or are here for the first time, this is the definitive version."

Inkbound originally released into Steam Early Access back in May 2023 and the team at Shiny Shoe have released a number of updates aligned with feedback from its players. We called Inkbound a “great little roguelike” in our first impressions.



Casey Bell