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Influencers to Visit ArcheAge Unchained's Garden of the Gods

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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ArcheAge Unchained will play host to several influencers as they check out the latest expansion, Garden of the Gods.

The notification arrived in the official Discord chat with the community team explaining,

“Influencers will be visiting ArcheAge to share the wonderful and exciting world of Erenor as well as the most recent update, Garden of the Gods, with their community. To facilitate their journey, we will provide them with special temporary characters.”

Presumably, this message is to provide the community with a heads up in case they happen to see influencers running around in the game. Garden of the Gods is the latest expansion to release for ArcheAge Unchained, having been controversial for charging players after stating that future content would be free after a one-time purchase of the game. This led to a last minute change for fresh start access provided to Silver Pack players, in addition to anyone who paid $20 for Gold Packs.

We recently had a preview of the new content, which you can read here. You’ll be able to check out our impressions, in addition to the general flow of proceedings in the expansion as we had the chance to check it out with Gamgio team members.


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