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Infinite Fleet's 'Commander Level' Explained in Latest Devblog

Steven Weber Posted:
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In the latest Infinite Fleet developer update blog, the team at Pixelmatic dives into what your Commander Level is, and how it affects your character growth. As a Captain of the USF (United Sol Federation) increasing your Commander Level will be paramount in increasing the size of your fleet.

In Infinite Fleet (IF) players will be tasked with leveling up by defeating the Atrox, an enemy faction hellbent on exterminating humanity. As your Commander Level grows, players will be able to increase the size of their fleet, deploying multiple Cruiser-class ships in tandem. The more ships a player deploys at a time, the better their odds at handling more daunting battles in the future. It also appears that increasing your Commander Level comes at a cost, as the more ships you have active at a time, the more ships you’ll need to repair.

As the commander of your fleet, you need to keep the durability of your ships at a reasonable level to ensure top performance. Space battles cause wear and tear on your ships, and as the commander, you will need to dock and repair them at a space station every now and then. Fortunately, you’ll grow your fleet to a respectable line-up over time, so while some of your vessels are in repair, you can use your other ships.

-Pixelmatic Team, via Infinite Fleet Devblog Design Update #3

As a powerful commander in the USF, what will your subordinates be doing when you’re offline? IF will allow you to set tasks for your fleet, even when you’re offline, so when you return, you’ll have items and rewards ready to allocate where they’re needed. Ships in Infinite Fleet, will be NFTs (non-fungible tokens), so your fleet is not only humanity’s salvation, but the ships are yours to keep, trade or sell later on, for real money or alternative currencies, at your discretion. Ships are currently available for purchase in the Infinite Fleet storefront, but when the game launches, players will be able to earn ships in-game as well, so there will be multiple ways for commanders to increase the size of their fleet.

This will be a Play to Earn game, but interacting with the marketplace element of the game won't be required to play it. The major items in the game (at the current time ships) will be NFTs you can collect and trade.

We have not currently made MK-1 versions of ships available to users, those will be coming later. We will have ships that are purchasable and those that are only earnable through the game.

-Stefan Haines, Senior Game Designer, Pixelmatic, via Infinite Fleet Discord

Infinite Fleet is an MMO strategy game that aims to utilize cutting edge blockchain technology for its currency and some itemization. The game is currently in Alpha testing on PC but Pixelmatic has stated they are building the game with multiple platforms in mind. Thus far additional testing on alternative platforms has not been discussed at this time.


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