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Indie MMORPG Profane Gets Wet and Wild With an Update to Their Water Visuals

Steven Weber Posted:
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It would appear that the Indie survival MMORPG Profane is making waves, not just metaphorically, but quite literally. Recently, the developers of Profane shared a tantalizing "spoiler" on their Discord channel, showcasing their latest enhancements to the game's water mechanics. The spoiler consisted of three different videos, each demonstrating a unique aspect of the game's water physics. For the convenience of our readers, we have combined these clips into a single video.

In the videos posted by Brazilian development studio Insane, there are several features shown, which are meant to detail the enhancements the team has made to the visual appeal of water. The team points out, most notably, that the reflection of the water, especially in the video detailing the cave, is a major improvement, alongside better sunset horizon effects, and more appealing waves.

The enhancements to the water mechanics in Profane are just another element that the team expresses will create a rich and immersive game world. The attention to detail and the focus on realism will lend depth to the game environment, making the world of Profane feel alive and dynamic. The team believes that players will undoubtedly appreciate the effort when they set sail on the high seas, if and when the game gets to a release state.

As a short refresher, Profane is set in a player-driven, open-world environment where players have the freedom to explore, build, and shape the world as they see fit. Profane attempts to stand out from other MMORPGs with its emphasis on player freedom through its full loot PvP system, and the absence of classes and levels. The team also plans on a dynamic weather system and a player-driven economy.

In our previous articles, we have delved into the various features and mechanics of Profane, from its unique combat system to its intricate crafting mechanics. While Profane is still in development, it's been making some gradual progress over the past couple years, with roadmap updates released periodically to note their progress. We look forward to seeing what other enhancements and features the developers at Insane will introduce in the future.


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