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Indie MMO Valorbound Posts Final State of the Game for 2022, Combat Test on the Way in 2023

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The development team behind upcoming indie MMORPG Valorbound has taken to their discord to post their final State of the Game for 2022. Team Scionica has made substantial progress throughout this past year, and the final State of the Game wants players to know that there is plenty more in store for 2023, as long as they continue to receive support to further their development.

Over the past year Team Scionica has made some exciting progress in their indie game development, with advancements in character customization, death penalties, decisions on monetization, and some changes to the development team, among many other small improvements and victories. The small team of this PvEvP sandbox MMO has expressed their intention to continue development throughout 2023, which will include a combat test by Q2! As a short refresher, Team Scionica is the development team behind the Minecraft project, Faerun Heroes, and Valorbound has been their new project since they team outgrew Minecraft and began development via Unity in 2021. The team has yet to determine how the game will be monetized exactly, but all signs point to the game utilizing a Box Price, plus alternative cash shop in lieu of a subscription.

The team will be looking at ways to optimize the game in the near future, as they sunset the current main hub of Sharebark in favor of their new, enormous hub known as Lockwall. Items and equipment will then mature some as the team prepares for the inevitable supporter-only combat test.

The team expresses that new players can become a supporter by selecting a membership on their Patreon, though currently the Patreon shows only a small number of their 400+ discord followers as participating. The team expresses their desire to continue as being a primarily crowdfunded project, so that the team will have full creative control over the game and their monetization in the future. While there have yet to be any concrete plans on release, we look forward to learning more about testing in the near future.


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