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Indie MMO Profane Breaks Down Exploration And More In Latest Twitter Thread

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Profane, the upcoming indie MMO from Brazillian developer Insane, took to Twitter once again to talk about some of the features coming when the MMO launches. This time it's all about world exploration and more.

Like Twitter threads before this one, Profane breaks down the feature in a series of tweets, showcasing some first looks at game art and more. This time the team is taking on world exploration, as well as looking at some of the ruins as well as "what you can expect to bump into" while traveling through Semisus, the game world.

Profane's developers specifically call out the fact that the ruins in the game speak to the age and history of the larger game world, stating that they want players to be able to piece together this history little by little.

Ruins themselves house rewards, such as Elemental Skills, Artifacts and more. Insane goes on to state that encounters at these ruins might change, depending on if they are found previously, stating that the team wants to avoid players being able to make guides or shares a "step-by-step" guide on how to overcome these scenarios. This way, every player has a different experience when exploring these ruins.

You can check out the full thread hereProfane is currently in development, though it recently celebrated what it considers to be a successful Alpha roadmap part 1, and is gearing up for part 2. 


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