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Indie MMO Megania Online's Open Pre-Alpha Coming August 20th

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Indie MMO Megania Online is hosting its pre-alpha phase, which will be an open alpha, this month. The pixel-art MMO will see the pre-alpha begin on August 20th.

Megania Online is a free, 2D MMORPG that incorporates "classic rouge-like elements" as well as the style of a retro "top-down [RPG]" according to its Steam page. The alpha itself is set to launch on Steam on August 20th, giving players the chance to jump into the indie MMO and take it for a spin. 

The developer behind the MMO also recently released a new trailer, showing some of the mechanics you can encounter in the alpha, including crafting, the skill system, grouping, forming a guild and more. The trailer also shows off a bit of the cartoon flair, with onomatopoeia-esque animations reminiscent of old comic books and old-school cartoons. The MMO also features open-world PvP, as well as monster attacks that threaten the different cities in the MMO.

You can check out more details on the official Steam page, as well as Megania's website


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