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Incursion, Star Trek Online's 30th Season, Begins Today on PC

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Star Trek Online’s latest new update, Incursion, is now live on PC. The new update finds some different Borg forces threatening Starbase One in a brand new story episode. Actor Garret Wang becomes the latest Star Trek franchise actor to reprise their role, this time as Captain Harry Kim.

Incursion marks the 30th season of Star Trek Online, and continues from the last chapter’s Multiverse story. The Reality Vortex has torn, and the Borg are the ones taking advantage this time around. A new vortex appears near Starbase One, facilitating the threat. The new episode, “Taken By Surprise” presents a different kind of Borg threat. This means that you’ll have to investigate, assess, and figure out how to handle this strong, more aggressive Borg force intent on destroying Starbase One. Starfleet is going to need some help, and they’ll get it, but this is designed to be a challenge.

The update also features two Task Force Operations and a new in-game event, Borg Tesseract. 

Captain Kuumaarke returns, once again played by Kipleigh Brown, and you’ll get to meet Captain Harry Kim. The character originated on Star Trek: Voyager, and is another familiar face who you can get a sense of as time has passed. Kim even has his own assistant, played by real life astrophysicist and host Erin MacDonald. 

The update’s two TFOs are each examples of some of the urgency in this full update. Resistance of Starbase One Presents your group with the challenge that you'll have to evacuate all personnel from Starbase  One as the Borg are launching their attack. The second TFO is called Guillotine and this one sees the Borg launching the beginning of their invasion through the vortex. Slso for a group of five, you'll have to stop them and close the vortex. 

There's a new T6 ship upgrade expansion option, and the Borg Tesseract event that you can play to earn a special three-piece adaptation ground set.

The update will release on consoles on November 1st. For more, head to Star Trek Online. 


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