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In the New Update, the ArcheAge Larva Event Brings Colorful Weirdness, Living Gliders, and Rewards

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It’s Larva time in ArcheAge, with the new update  going live today that starts the colorful  Larva x ArcheAge event. This joins other previously announced features, like  several new guard NPCs, the new Wish-Filled Manastorm Crystal Grand ArchePass.

So what is the Larva event? If you've been playing ArcheAge for some time,  you're used to the strange, the colorful, and the very weird. There's an event zone at Mirage Isle and there are new items created just for this event. 

As you travel around, you may find larvae in the zone. Larva Pink needs some help to search for Larva Yellow. These larvae each have special abilities, and you'll have to get to know how they function in order to maximize what you get out of participating in the event.

Examples are Larva Pink’s ability called Pink’s Wink. It's a 0-6m instant ability with a 90-second cooldown that reduces the duration of any debuff by 50% for 5 seconds. The Larva Yellow Teleport Scroll opens a Worldgate in the shape of Larva Yellow.

Larva Red can gain the ability to get wings, leading to Larva Red Plus, which functions as a glider companion. In other words, it's a living glider with very high speed, gliding ability, turning speed, and launch height, and it also gets special skills. One of them increases glide speed by 30% for 3 seconds, above the already very high speed. The second special ability, Red Flatulence, will teleport you 15m forward and remove an enemy target lock. 

There’s a whole lot more in the event, including the option to get yourself a Larva EX-2 vehicle summon scroll, a Larva figurehead to put on your ship, and even a guarded storage chest for your building.

This event is going live today and will be around through January 26th. Find out more over at ArcheAge.


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