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In the Latest Atlas Q&A the Developers Address Concerns Regarding the New Ship System

Steven Weber Posted:
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Grapeshot Games released their latest Atlas Q&A, and this time they wanted to let players know that they’ve been listening to the community and their concerns regarding a new ship system. Luckily, the team has concluded that they have no plans to remove the original ship system.

What the team did determine is that the modular ship system that they plan on introducing, with the first stage of implementation already underway, will move forward as they build on the customization options that players have been looking forward to. The new ship system will continue to move forward, but the old ship system that players have enjoyed will continue to be supported for as long as the team can.

“We have heard your concerns regarding the new ship system and we would like to discuss our goals for it to help set expectations. We love the level of customization the original ship system provides and we will continue to support it for as long as possible. Currently, there are no plans to remove the original ship system."

-Grapeshot Games Development Team, Atlas

In addition to the information regarding the new ship system and how implementation will be handled going forward, the team also put together a long and comprehensive Q&A – the longest set of questions’ answered yet, with plenty of information for players to drop anchor for.  If these questions aren't enough, you can also check out some of the previous Q&A sessions like the last one that talks server merges and PvP balance.


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