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In Surprising Turn, TitanReach Has Been Fully Funded, Headed Back into Full Development

Steven Weber Posted:
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We reported in late August that TitanReach would no longer be able to continue development due to funding struggles. In an exciting turn, co-founder and developer Hayden ‘Unravel’ Dee posted some surprising news that TitanReach was able to secure no-strings-attached funding of the whole game.

It wasn’t that long ago that TitanReach’s development fell into a hobbyist development cycle, but thanks to an unnamed backer, it looks as though development can begin again. So far, through community support initiatives, TitanReach’s community members have pledged a total of more than 206 thousand dollars, nearly up 25 thousand dollars over the reported support from back in June of 2021. These numbers do not reflect the funding payment reported by Unravel earlier today. We’ve reached out to Square Root Studios for clarification on the total amount funding and are awaiting a response.

Square Root Studios, prior to cutting development, employed 14 staff, which broadly totaled 20 thousand in expenses per month. In August, the team introduced early access bundles which included Closed Alpha Access, a title, tier-based pets, a teleport special effect, the digital soundtrack, and several months’ worth of a subscription time. Unfortunately, there just weren’t enough purchases to keep development flowing, and credit card purchases were refunded as of August 9th for those that purchased the new bundles. The game continued on with a single server, and although Square Root Studios couldn’t refund everyone’s money, players were still allowed to log in and play and spend credits they have purchased on cosmetics and pets.

It’s still too early to say exactly where development will go from here, but Square Root Studios has promised to update their fanbase later this week. Ramping up development may take some time again, but we’re glad to see TitanReach will get another shot at becoming the full fledged game Square Root Studios envisioned.


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