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In New Interview, The Day Before Devs Claim Release on Target, and They'll 'Top Wishlists Again'

While trademark case continues, Fntastic claims Steam listing will be back

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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In a new interview, developer Fntastic, the team says that  The Day Before will return to Steam “soon”, boasting that “We’ll be back at the top of the wishlists”.

This claim is not backed up just yet, since the company is still caught in a trademark dispute over the game’s name. Legal proceedings over the name are being handled by a new subcompany, MytonaFntastic. When we looked into the timeline for the lawsuit, the pending case proceedings have a series of steps with a deadline that stretches into late 2024. Given this information, claiming that Steam will re-enable the game’s page under the original name might be a bit thin. 

The interviewer did ask if we might see the survival MMO return under a new name. Fnntastic offered the vague “Rooted in our belief in justice, we are optimistic about regaining our name through legal proceedings as swiftly as possible”. 

With the interview, conducted by Australian outlet Well Played, there’s also a new trailer premiere.

We’ll have to see if The Day Before makes its November 10th release date, which they remain adamant about, but if their Steam listing comes back (under any name), that would be a good sign. Throughout the interview, Fntastic continues discussing similar points to that they've already talked about before, citing that their work culture and their (controversial) “volunteers” are all shaping development. Once again, they vaguely state that their team has “paid employee-volunteers” and “unpaid external volunteers”.

“We want to change the game industry,” they say, ambitiously. But to do so, there needs to be a game.

The Day Before made a splash when it was announced, and did top Steam wishlists, but since then, there has been little that is solid to go on, coupled with delays and the whole trademark mess. 

As for the game, Fntastic continues discussing features they say we can expect. These include a central hub in the post-apocalyptic world, trade, forming communities,and other relaxation and leisure activities. In addition to customizable  in-game housing (which will be safe locations), you’ll be able to go to the gym, relax in a sauna, or head to a bar with others. 


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