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Reed Hubbard Posted:
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This weekend Helbreath players will be forced to defend the towns of Elvine and Aresden from random monster attacks.  The event will start Friday night in an attempt to reopen the portal to Druncian City.

In preparation for a major assault Abaddon is planning the forces of Evil under his control have blocked the portal to Druncian City. The combined mystic might of both towns may only be able to reopen it once per month from now on. If Abaddon is defeated and forced back into his prison then the forces of Darkness may be too weak to prevent it from being opened at will. If Abaddon is not defeated then the portal will be locked again for an extended period. The mayors of both towns are working to get the portal to Druncian City open on September 24 and believe they will be able to keep it open for several days. It is up to the Heroes of Aresden and Elvine to work together to bring about the true defeat of this great evil. Beebo Mho, the noted diviner of rabbit entrails, has announced that there will be a series of assaults on both towns so that Abaddon's forces can get training for the major battle to come. These minor battles will still test the resolve and ability of those who live in the towns or wander the wilderness nearby. They can come at any time, in any place so keep an eye out and your weapons ready!

[This will be random events of monsters attacking starting Friday night, September 10 and occurring until sometime Monday morning. There will be no monsters 'to order' nor will assaults be focused on one location. You'll need to find them or they will find you. Enjoy!]

The announcement of the weekend's event can be read in full at the official Helbreath USA website.


Reed Hubbard