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In a Year of Big EverQuest Anniversaries, the Fippy Fest Event Will Be In-Person and Digital

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With a big celebration year ahead of the EverQuest franchise, marking the 25th anniversary of EverQuest, the new Fippy Fest event will be an in-person and digital event taking place in June.

EverQuest is marking its 25th anniversary and EverQuest II is celebrating 20 years, so Darkpaw Games has taken to calling  2024 the Year of Darkpaw. Fippy Fest is an event to Celebrate all things EverQuest with both an in-person and digital event. The event will take place on June 15th and feature Q&A panels, and an overall celebration on the livestream. There will be a small in-person event as well.

The panel and presentation, including the Q&A, is patterned after Fan Faire style events of the past, so if you’ve been a dedicated EverQuest fan and remember Fan Faire events fondly, then this should be a good one to pay attention to.

The idea for a more focused digital event and a smaller in-person gathering is deliberate. As the announcement says, “We are keeping the in-person event small and intimate as we delve back into the realm of in-person events”. If you do have a chance to attend the in-person event, you’ll get a chance to chat with the team and take part in some activities before the livestream kicks off for everyone.

The digital event won’t require tickets to watch the stream, but both in-person and digital options do have some ticketed options with special access to ask questions of the panel live and some commemorative in-game goodies. Tickets will go on sale on February 28th at 6PM PT/ 9PM ET for both options, with more info likely set to be revealed when the team shares those links.


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