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Immortals of Aveum Trailer Shows Combat, Lore, and What You Fight For in the First-Person Magic Shooter

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Immortals of Aveum, the upcoming single-player first person magic shooter, gets a brand new gameplay trailer, Unpacked, showing off the combat and some of the story and lore.

“In the world of Aveum, magic powers everything,” the narrator says, and this includes the military of the five kingdoms. If everything were running smoothly, there probably wouldn't be much to do, so “this world is crumbling apart”. Yet, that isn’t the beginning, as the five kingdoms have been fighting The Everwar over control of the magic for a long time by the time we open here.

You are Jack, a magic wielder known as a magus. Jack is special since he is a Triarch, which means he can wield all three colors of magic. He will join with a team of battlemages and work to stop a tyrant and prevent the world of Aveum from falling. 

The Wound is located in the center of the world. It is a growing void, and Jack and the Immortals are running out of time to stop the powerful, tyrannical Sandrakk.

The trailer shows off some of the combat, with the weapon you wield, known as a Sigil. You use this to focus your magic to be more powerful and deadlier in combat. For your basic utility spells and abilities, red sigils use magic for close combat needs, while blue sigils will focus your magic into bolts and enable you to  fight from long range. Finally, green sigils are where you get much of your mobility from, since this lets you fire homing projectiles, fast.

Then, there are the specialty spells that drain your mana, which you’ll have to replenish. Fury spells are heavier and more powerful. Augment spells let you manipulate the world around you or solve puzzles. The trailer shows Jack making a statue move in order to enable passage. These spells will let you move large objects out of the way, cross chasms, and otherwise get to locations you might not otherwise. Control spells assist you in combat by letting you pull enemies towards you or even debuff them. 

Enemies themselves are effectively color-coded. You can damage them with any type of magic, but if you match it to their color, it will be more effective. 

Another reveal from the trailer is your most powerful spell. called Immolate, the meter for this will recharge over time. Release it and  it comes out as a beam of all three magic types and colors and destroys everything in your way.

Immortals of Aveum will support different playstyles with 25 different spells and over 80 talents. You can gather more sigils, totems, rings, and bracers and upgrade your gear too.

With the gamedelayed slightly into August for polish, this packed trailer should feed anticipation for the first-person magical shooter genre blend.

For more, including more on gameplay, head to Immortals of Aveum.


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