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Immortality Update to Go Live Today

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Allods Online servers are currently offline as the v8.0 Immortality update is deployed. The patch brings the Aoidoi race into the game as well as a new raid adventure, a journey back to the Planar Rim, the new political system goes into play, the Trial of Blood, new Astral Allods and Time Distortions and much more.

A new race—Aoidoi—was added to the game. They come to this world in bodies of adults, bearing an impressive amount of knowledge. It is incredible, but the Aoidoi can remember events that took place long before their species appeared. This must be the reason for the popularity of meditation among the Aoidoi: the universe unlocks its most sacred mysteries to those who keep their minds at peace and strive for harmony. The path of self-discovery and making the world better is the path chosen by most Aoidoi. They are all believed to have some innate talent that they just have to discover and develop, and, once they succeed, use it for the good of others.

Read the full update notes on the Allods Online site.


Suzie Ford

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