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Ilysia Team Refocusing on Four Key Improvements, 'Dialing Back' Weekly Updates to Get Those Done First

There's a new public roadmap set to be updated regularly too.

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Team 21 Studio has shifted some of its roadmap for Early Access VR MMORPG, Ilysia. The changes come alongside fulfilling promises on transparency from the devs on what they’re working on.

The most recent roadmap update came Just under two weeks ago, when the team released a roadmap update to give an idea of what was coming alongside a video comparing the graphical difference for the game between the Meta Quest 2 and recently-released Meta Quest 3. That roadmap gave us some directions from what they expected to launch in November and December, along with plans for Q1 2024.

Now, the team has shuffled their roadmap a bit in response to some of the feedback from the community on issues and requested priorities. As a result, the studio will be slowing down the pace of weekly updates to concentrate in the immediate future on four key areas. Those areas are:

  • Enhancements to Combat and Character Controller
  • Implementation of PSVR support
  • Faction Merge
  • Various quality updates

Not only will these improvements add a whole new supported platform for Ilysia, and expand the potential community, combat and character controller improvements should help them to grow and keep existing players around. 

The faction merge is another aspect that they're doing to help improve the overall experience. Members of Team 21 have commented in the past about the s truffles of independent MMO development, and vowed to be transparent as they moved into Early Access to support development. This pause and move to focus on a few significant steps to improve the overall game now seems like a positive move. 

This also comes along with the first iteration of the public roadmap that they will continue to update. There’s a new Trello board they will keep updated with what’s changing. 


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