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Ilysia Shows off Meta Quest 3 Improvements, Announces Roadmap With PSVR Support and New Zone Coming

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 The Ilysia VR team has released a new video showing off the difference in graphics between the Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3. We also get a roadmap from Team 21 Studios and some direction where Ilysia is now headed. 

A series of improvements were made to the Early Access title to support the Quest 3’s recent release. The video shows off improved graphics, better resolution, texture filtering, render distance, detailed distance, and even the addition of real-time shadows. While support continues for the Meta 2, if you’re looking to invest in a new headset and take advantage of improvements, now you can see them in action before you buy.

The Ilysia team has also released a roadmap update. According to the team,  part of the November schedule was dedicated graphical improvements for the Quest 3.  Now that it's here, there's one more item on the November list and that is the beginning of Island improvements.

In Q4 2023 and the winter period features a number of planned improvements, including a new combat controller  and a new character controller.  Also planned for Q4 are improved mob AI, support for the Vive Wand, and a server merge. It's not clear yet why the team is planning on merging servers, but it's not uncommon as they figure out how the Early Access is shaping up and where they can make improvements. Any MMORPG relies on a healthy player population so it would make sense as they continue to build out Ilysia.

More platform support is on the way in the spring. Q1 2024 plans include adding support for the PlayStation VR 2. New features are on the way, with the cooking profession in the works, and an all new zone, Cratera. With a new zone, the game will also get new mobs and new gear. A faction merge is coming, along with an increased level cap.

We will probably see some more info from the team soon to expand on the roadmap, perhaps in a new Tavern Talk. find out more at Ilysia.


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