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Ilysia Devs Discuss Opting For Early Access, Features to Come, and Realities of Independent MMO Development

The community will influence features to come

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The Ilysia team has shared another Tavern Talks stream, with updates from the team on their approach to community feedback, funding, Early Access, and some details on systems in the works.

Team 21 Studio emphasized that they want to move forward creating the game in conjunction with the community and encouraging additional community questions and feedback. 

In this talk, the team is upfront about the need for additional revenue and how difficult it is these days especially, to secure new funding if you are in a “pre-revenue” state. Obviously, making a game requires money, so after receiving feedback they’ve decided to opt for Early Access. The team touches on the challenges of making a VR MMO, including in the social space like interactive communities, preventing trolling, and other ways of supporting better communities.

Continuing promised transparency and working with the community,  they plan to release a roadmap. This will be up for all to view and see continued updates, whether new features or team goals and whatever has changed. Part of what will influence the priority of how they work on new and upcoming features is community (and for Early Access, customer) interest. 

They touch on some of the features that are going to be important, such as crafting. In a VR MMO, “crafting has to be interactable” and Early Access will launch (when it does) with the first round of crafting. Expect that system to get continued additions and improvements, And we can expect to see things like resource gathering, getting materials from bosses or mobs, buying them, and more all with a general hands-on approach. 

The social side will also play a role, so things like the auction house, guild vendors, and general trade. Team 21 admits that in their focus on the Freeforge class system, trading was broken in beta, so improving all this is a focus for Early Access.

Early Access will be bigger and more refined than beta, but Ilysia will be in active development, so expect growth and change. 

The team discussed additional aspects of what we can expect, including the Forge system, and their focus on a deep system following community feedback. Dungeons will be a natural part of what’s coming, with work on more reward for more difficult instances and adding more dungeons eventually, with more depth and challenging mechanics.

There's a lot more to this talk than the previous one, and there's a lot of info on what we can expect. Team 21 has already stated that the community feedback during beta is driving a lot of how they are approaching this chapter in development.

Listen to the full talk for more info and head to Ilysia for more on the game.


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