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Ilysia Beta Delayed, Team Will Announce New Dates for the VR MMO

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The Ilysia team updated the community following the need to postpone the game’s previously-announced first beta weekend. The VR MMORPG’s beta was set to begin last weekend, but had to be moved when some issues popped up.

Player testing is just part of game development, but you have to get to that point where the build is ready. The team has worked to identify and then to fix the bug they discovered on the day that the beta was scheduled to begin. They have identified the issue, but there’s still no new date just yet, as they need to fix the issue, then run a new test, before being ready to confirm new beta dates.

The road to beta for Ilysia has been challenging, no doubt, with previous issues with their MagePortal system needing to be hammered out before the system could support a beta test. In fact, the team fixed a couple of lingering MagePortal issues that had to do with players who didn’t get their rewards or couldn’t receive account-related emails. 

The most recent update said that things are coming along, and they are close to fixing the issue, but because they want to test everything out first before they launch a beta, there are no dates just yet.  Yesterday's update from the team also served to answer a few community questions as well. 

When they do eventually have a new target date for beta,  they still expect it to last for 3 days, so it wouldn't be surprising if they choose another weekend. Beta 1 will also not be under NDA, so anyone who gets an invite will be able to stream, record video, and share screenshots of their experiences.

Most of those who will take part in Beta 1 were Kickstarter backers, other backers, and those who purchased early access after Alpha 2. Once the team has a new date though, they do plan on giving out some beta invites via their official Discord.

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