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Ill Omens Skirmish Returns to The Lord of the Rings Online This Week With Update 34.2

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The Ill Omens Skirmish event is back in The Lord of the Rings Online, arriving along with update 34.2. The update brings some class tweaks, item improvements, some changes to quests, and more.

Starting tomorrow, February 2nd at 10 AM Eastern, the Ill Omens Skirmish event returns. The event will run through the end of the month, closing at 3 AM Eastern on February 28th. This year’s event features some new rewards. So if you’re up for it, you can take on Harbingers of the Dead in a series of skirmishes and earn yourself some Tokens of Ill Omen, which you’ll probably want to part with in exchange for goodies.

This update is mostly a practical one, with a number of fixes. First up are some localization changes and improved translation for several items, and corrected spelling for German. Those who take slow travel between Gloomingtarn and the Pits of Stonejaws will not get stuck in the Steepset now that that glitch has been addressed. Some floating structures that were in the Bree-land Homesteads should now be on the ground where they belong too. Additionally, there was a hotspot where it shouldn’t have been that was teleporting players away from Gond Orchal. Surprise teleportation trips are also now fixed.

Delvings get a few passes this week, with a flag removed that was letting players who were not at level cap to get in, interact with, and even complete Delving quests. They can now come back when they’ve reached the cap. Another fix that was prematurely marking delving quests as completed is also taken care of this week. Finally, random crafting boxes are replaced with a crafting picker box in Tier 7+ delvings.

A couple of classes get fixes too. A couple of Burglar’s effects, Relish Battle and Bob and Weave are now working as intended. Lore-master skills with AoE benefits should also now work as intended and apply to Monster players. 

Read the update notes at The Lord of the Rings Online.


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