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Ignis Universia: Awakening of the Erudite Empress is a Visual Novel JRPG Hybrid Currently on Kickstarter

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Ignis Universia: Awakening of the Erudite Empress is a new visual novel RPG just announced on Kickstarter. Here are the details.

Developed by Random Potion, Ignis Universia is seeking £40,000 at Kickstarter for development of the game describing itself as a mix of visual novel and JRPG with a unique art style. If you’re not sure if you want to back the title, however, the team have released a demo to sample before deciding if you want to pledge. You can download the demo here.

Ignis Universia features a top-down isometric camera with all battles being turn-based. You’ll be able to summon animals as you play through a story of parody and humor. The team is estimating an 8-10 hour completion time.

Arto Koistinen, Lead Designer, noted in the press release,

“I'm excited to continue the story and have the ability to flesh out the characters from the original game. The battle system also gets an overhaul and a lot of added depth, something I've already done with previous games like Rimelands and Trulon, both of which received a lot of praise for their combat mechanics.”

The team also shared their characters including the Rogue Silvanna Shadow, the Mage Mordina Brightheart, the Healer Eleanna Nutseeker, and the Warrior Princess Zena. Regarding the Kickstarter, Arto continued,

“Funding the game via Kickstarter gives us a direct line to the players and complete creative freedom, which is useful when dealing with a game as quirky as Ignis Universia. Transparency and communication are important to us and we'll be in contact with the backers throughout the project."

You can learn more details about Ignis Universia over on their Kickstarter page.


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