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If You're Having Issues with Elder Scrolls Online's Haven City Gates, Do This

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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It looks like a few people are having issues with the Haven city gates in Elder Scrolls Online. Fortunately, it looks like Zenimax are aware of the issue.

It sounds like this issue is occurring on the Live servers. The problem it seems appears to be in interacting with the Haven city gates in Grahtwood. When you actually do use the gate, you’re teleported back to the same location from which you were trying to interact with it.

As one user noted,

“This bug is absolutely in full effect and it is so annoying. I've been doing some Skyshard runs through the zone and the one inside Haven is always the last one due to the RNG of actually making it through that door.”

Another user noted they were able to get inside Haven, but then were stuck inside the city with presumably no way to get out due to the gates. Fortunately, it seems Zenimax are aware of this issue.

“Hi All. Thanks so much for flagging this. We have shared this with the dev team to address and they are working on a solution. In the meantime, here is an immediate workaround to make the experience less frustrating.”

Additionally, they provided a workaround for the interim while the team is taking a look at it,

“Try to interact with the door as far back as it lets you. In the event that isn't helpful, the southwest side of the city is open to the forest and you can bypass the gates entirely.”

If you’re experiencing this issue, perhaps this workaround will alleviate some of your frustrations. Just recently, the Elder Scrolls Online team shared over 667k new heroes were created during the World Plays ESO event this summer. Additionally, the MMORPG just concluded their Year One celebration just yesterday.


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