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If You're Curious About High Isle's New Card Game Tales of Tribute, The Elder Scrolls Online Has a Guide

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Tales of Tribute is coming to The Elder Scrolls Online, with the new deck-building card game arriving when High Isle becomes available next month. Now, there’s a new official guide with 10 things you need to know about Tales of Tribute.

High Isle brings a ton of content, including this new card game. You’ll be able to unlock eight patron decks, each “themed around an organization or individual in the world of Tamriel that helps define a playstyle”. The tutorial will let you unlock your first four patron decks: Loremaster Celarus, Delmene Hiaalu, Duke of Crows, and St. Pelin. Each deck has a special focus based on its patron. The remaining four decks you’ll get by taking part in all kinds of action High Isle offers.

To begin a round, each player picks two patron decks to use in the match. This means each person puts up 40 cards, and those 80 cards get shuffled with 20 neutral cards. Your decks are called “patron decks” for a reason, as each has a patron you can call upon to offer a special boon. This comes at a cost. Also on the table is the Tavern, a five-card pool you’ll be able to draw from during the match.

Each turn has a maximum time of 90 seconds, so be prepared to learn your cards and their individual effects, as well as how things are played as quickly as possible. The timer doesn’t apply to friendly modes or matches against NPCs, so use those to train yourself up.

After learning the ropes of the cards, the special values and powers, the roles of special cards like Agents and patrons, there’s the whole matter of how to win. Well, if you manage to collect 40 Prestige via some method and maintain that through your opponent’s next turn, you’ll win. Or you can get the favor of all four patrons on the table and score an automatic victory.

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