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ICYMI, World Of Warship's VE Day Parade Is Now On YouTube

Commemorating The 75th Anniversary Of VE Day

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We reported previously that the team at Wargaming were planning on celebrating Victory In Europe Day, which marks the surrender of Nazi Germany ending the war in Europe in World War 2. Using World of Warships, the team marked the 75th Anniversary with an in-game naval parade. 

The parade happened live on Twitch, with Wargaming partnering with its World of Warships community to bring the whole event to players and fans of history alike as we all stand locked down and social distancing. The parade was held on May 6th, and included many streamers and, most notably, New York Times bestselling author and noted naval historian James D Hornfischer providing commentary, along with many other naval experts. 

Wargaming provided a brief summary via a press release this morning:

Here’s a summary of key figures:
  • Overall 24 ships took part in the virtual navy parade, with 8 of those being featured in more details
  • Countries represented: UK, US, Canada, Commonwealth, France, Poland, Russia 
  • The parade route was 62 kilometers long.
  • The largest ship that took part in the parade was the HMS Hood (263.3 meters), the largest surviving ship was the USS Massachusetts (210 meters), while the smallest was the HMS Campbeltown (95.81 meters).
  • Out of 24 ships presented, 5 are still operational as museum ships: USS Kidd (US), USS Texas (US), USS Massachusetts (US), ORP Blyskawica (Poland), HMCS Haida (Canada).

For those who missed the celebration live, World of Warships has archived footage from the event on their YouTube channel, which you can check out in the embed below.


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