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Hunter's Arena: Legends Now in Early Access

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Hunter’s Arena: Legends, the hybrid action-RPG battle-royale game, has officially entered Steam Early Access.

You’ll be able to grab the game for  £15.59 / €16.79 / $19.99 at this time, with the team adding new characters, new game modes, and some exclusive items. If you’re unfamiliar with Hunter’s Arena: Legends, it supposedly takes elements of RPGs and MOBAs and blends them together to create a hybrid game.

In it, 60 players will need to level up in-game by hunting monsters, overcoming fierce boss characters and conquering over 20 challenging dungeons for precious buff-granting loot, all while engaged in a tactical battle of skills with each other to be the last person standing and emerge victorious.

David Yoon, CEO of Mantisco, provided the following statement in an accompanying press release,

“We are so excited to be launching Hunter’s Arena: Legends to players all over the world. We have strived to deliver something exciting and original that draws influence from our past to create a unique new experience and we can’t wait to see players having fun in this world and seeing what they can do with these characters”

New content in Early Access includes a new character called Yoongeon, who is described as a stylish swordsman equipped with two swords and an ancient weapon. Yoongeon will appeal to players that like to keep the opposition guessing with his mix-up of close-quarters and long range damage capabilities.

A new free-for-all game mode is included as well. You must destroy key structures and objects, all while fending off the ever present threat of your opponents as they look for a vulnerable kill. Unlike the other modes, if the player dies they can return to the fight after a respawn period, and characters can be changed to constantly adapt your style, moves and tactics to the challenge ahead.

Three limited edition skins are also included, like ‘Samjang of Death’, based on Bruce Lee’s iconic costume from the martial arts classic, Game of Death. Additionally, five dance emotes that were created in partnership with 1Million Dance Studio using motion capture technology.


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