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Hunter's Arena: Legends Hit Steam Early Access July 15

Several more closed betas between now and then

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Hunter’s Arena: Legends, the Korean MOBA-RPG hybrid, will enter Steam Early Access on July 15.

Before the release, developer Mantisco will be holding several stress test events to ensure server stability when the game enters Early Access. The first test will run through Friday, June 26th to Saturday, June 27th, and a second test will run through Friday, July 3rd through to Saturday, July 4th.

According to the accompanying press release, the final game will include 12 playable characters, 3 limited-edition cosmetic skins and 5 dance emotes. Note that final pricing has not yet been announced. Some additional details include that Hunter’s Arena: Legends will be developed using Unreal Engine 4.

It’s set to blend from MMO dungeons and raids, abilities and progression systems from the MOBA genre and the complex combat mechanics of fighting games. Sign-ups for closed beta began in April. Apparently, over 20,000 Twitch viewers have tuned in to watch the game thus far.

If you missed it earlier, check out the trailer below:


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