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Hunt The Wolf Man in Red Dead Online's Latest Update

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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You can hunt the Wolf Man in Red Dead Online’s latest update. You should probably be careful, though, as that sounds dangerous.

Red Dead Online’s latest Legendary Bounty has been added to the Bounty Boards. Known as The Wolf Man for his affinity with the deadly animal, the target was last seen near Lake Isabella in Ambarino. Players are advised to bring Predator Bait to help deal with the Wolf Man and any of his friends. Those who bring him to justice will receive the fur lined Red Strayhorn Boots as an additional reward. Replaying the mission at higher difficulty levels will require The Wolf Man to be delivered alive.

Also new this week is the latest Collectible List: The Saint Denis Collection, featuring Cognac, the Beaulieux Diamond Ring and Beauchêne Ruby Earrings, with rewards for Collector’s who turn in individual items to Madam Nazar in-person or via a Post Office by September 30th, and bigger rewards for those who turn in the full set. Meanwhile, this week’s Elimination Series (Free Aim) is now available.

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