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Hunt Corrupted Bunnies For Some Helpful Loot as New World Rabbit's Revenge Begins

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Today kicks off a new event in New World, and if you’re looking to take down some corrupted rabbits and enjoy some loot, this might be a good time to spend in Aeternum.

The latest update for New World adds this event, which sees Corruption possess rabbits all over.  During the two-week event, you can hunt down these corrupted rabbits in order to get some special rewards. Some of these rewards include the Defiled Rabbit's Foot, a twisted consumable that will give you extra luck for 40 minutes when you use it. The effect scales with your level and you can  get up to five per day during the event. Diamond Gypsum is an item that can increase Expertise for gear you choose. You can get up to three of these per day. There’s also the Defiled Storage Chest of the Hare, which is a rare drop. Get one (and you are limited to one per player) and you’ll not only get great storage capacity, but also a conversation piece for your home, as it comes with a special Corruption visual effect.

The update follows the recent release of the big Heart of Madness content, and today’s patch also has some adjustments and fixes for that content and other issues. A few spots in the Isabella and Neishatun boss Encounters were being exploited by players to avoid add grow or attacks if they stood there or went prone. These have been fixed. Another fix also made Neishatun stop becoming unresponsive. 

Also in the update is a fix to high-level elemental plants that weren’t dropping the right resources when gathered, and two quest updates. With the addition of the new Solo alternative for some mission content, “Saboteur” and “Master of the Tempest” quests were disabled in their previous format. If you have these pending on any characters, you’ll have to acquire them again and complete them however you wish.

For more on the Rabbit’s Revenge event, see the announcement here at New World.


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