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Humble Bundle Announces 'One Step From Eden' Launches on PC and Switch Today

Yup, today

By Poorna Shankar on March 26, 2020 | News | 0

Humble Bundle, in partnership with developer Thomas Moon Kang, has announced One Step From Eden will launch on PC and Switch, March 26. Oh hey, that’s today.

One Step From Eden won “Best Game Design” at Tokyo Game Show and Indie Mega Booth Official Selection for both PAX East and GDC 2019. Here are some key features shared in the press release,

  • Genre-Bending. Experience a blend of strategy and real-time action. Build your deck and fight through bullet hell as you make your way to Eden.
  • Comprehensive Deckbuilding. Customize your deck and play style with 200+ spells and 100+ game-changing items.
  • Varied Gameplay. A cast of 9 playable characters across procedurally generated levels with alternate runs ensures you’ll never experience the same situation or outcome twice.
  • Play with Friends. Fight your way to Eden in local co-op or in PvP.
  • The Game Keeps Going. Full Steam Workshop and mod support!

Check out the trailer below:


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