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Hoyoverse Opens Pre-Load, Previews Genshin Impact Version 3.0's New Areas, Characters, and Content

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With version 3.0, "The Morn a Thousand Roses Brings", almost here, Hoyoverse is laying out tons of info about Genshin Impact’s packed new content update.

You can go ahead and pre-install the update now, and it will go live on August 24th, changing the game and expanding its world and content. There are six new areas in the Sumeru region, a new system, Tree of Dreams, several new characters, event wishes, and much more.

Recently, they released a new trailer for version 3.0, but now there's new information for the update. In an official preview, the wish duration will last when the update goes live through September 9th and a five-star character, Verdant Strider Tighnari (Dendro) will get a big drop rate boost. Several other characters will also get a huge drop rate boost, including several four-star characters and another Dendro hero, Collei.  After the event period, Tighnari and Collei will join the available rotation for the standard wish Wanderlust Invocation when the next update happens.

There’s also a new Event Wish, where you can get an exclusive character, 5-star Vago Mundo Zhongli (Geo).This will also run through September 9th and feature different characters getting a boost in drop rate, including Zhongli and Collei. Same as before, once the event is over, these will be in the standard wish rotation.

Not to forget weapons, but there are also some new 5-star weapons to get your hands on. The Hunter’s Path bow and Vortex Vanquisher polearm are the 5-star weapons getting a huge drop rate boost. If you still haven’t gotten your hands on Collei, despite a few opportunities, you can also get her if you take on the special quest, “the Unappreciated Carving” in the Graven Innocence event. 

Also in the update is brand new story content, Archon Quest Chapter III: Act I and Act II, and also "Vulpes Zerda Chapter" story update too.

Find out more over at the preview at Genshin Impact.


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